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Award Winning

Award Winning

The Tuned Transom™ is the quiet secret that has been included in 2500+ production boats since 2012. Available in rigid foam, treated plywood and aluminum, our technology has been specified in NMMA Innovation Award winning boats for the years 2012, 2016 & 2017, additionally in the 2017 Boat Of The Year.


50% increased loss factor

Vessels utilizing Tuned Transom Technology have shown a 9 to 18 db improvement vs competing boats in the same class


Acoustically, a boat hull is similar to a guitar body. Noise and Vibration are a result of resonance in the system formed by the motor, propeller, shallow water anchors , trolling motors and water that excite the transom and hull. When these vibrations match the resonant frequency of the hull poor ride characteristics occur.

Especially operating at high engine RPMs, pressure disturbances are created as vibrational energy is transferred from the hull into the air and surrounding structures.  A constrained layer damped panel, Tuned Transom ™  is optimized for the conversion and dispersion of this vibrational energy, dramatically improving ride quality while reducing passenger fatigue.

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